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Tick Paralysis Home Care Treatment

1. Your pet may continue to feel the effects of the tick toxin for 2-4 weeks after treatment. They may feel tired or seem “run down” and may not tolerate exercise.

2. Your pet should be kept in a cool and quiet area, NO exercising or lying in the sun as heat stress increases the risk of heart failure.

3. As all the muscles of your pets body have been weakened by the tick toxin it is important that your pet is fed in smaller more easily managed portions over the next week. This allows any weakness in their throat muscles that may have occurred to slowly re-adapt to eating normal sized portions and reduces the risk of further complications.

** It is not ideal however to offer you pet any food before they are drinking water adequately and successfully unless you have been advised otherwise by your veterinarian.

4. Physical activity should be kept to a minimum for 2 weeks following treatment. DO NOT allow your pet to run around, play ball, or engage in high-energy games, as this will also increase the risk of heart failure. Preferably keep the pet confined and rested.

**SPECIAL NOTE** Dogs and cats are more likely to have an adverse reaction to tick serum if they have to receive it again. If your pet is affected by a tick at any point in the future you MUST tell the vet that the pet has had tick serum and been treated previously, so that they can take the necessary precautions.


5. All efforts must be made to ensure that your pet DOES NOT become affected by another tick within the next 6-8 weeks as treatment within this period is less likely to be successful. To prevent a recurrence of tick paralysis please refer to the “Prevention of Tick Paralysis” handout provided.

We are here to help so if at any time you have questions or are concerned about how your pet is recovering please do not hesitate to contact us on (07)5441 3333.

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