07 5441 3333
16 Arundell Avenue, Nambour QLD 4560

Your local Sunshine Coast Bird Vet

Dr Stacey Gelis is a highly experienced Avian Vet and also has a special interest in Conservation Medicine. He travels internationally to lecture at conferences and workshops and has also written several veterinary scientific papers and contributed chapters to several avian textbooks! Stacey is a bird expert!

Stacey offers the following avian services:

  • Diagnostics for all avian medical conditions
  • Sick bird hospitalisation and treatment
  • General health care - Initial 30 minute consultation to discuss nutrition, housing, enrichment and home care needs
  • Dietary advice tailored to individual species
  • DNA sexing
  • Surgical sexing
  • Surgical services

To book an appointment for your bird, please contact us on 5441 3333.