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Friends never forgotten

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Claude was the resident over-seer. You would see him draped over the reception counter ensuring things were done correctly!

Claude was brought in to Dr Leisa as a stray one night in 2005. He had a fractured jaw and was very thin and ill. After failing to find his owner, we fixed his injuries and adopted him (or rather he adopted us) and immediately he made himself at home and put himself in charge.

Kelpie & Billy
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Officially known as Kelpie the Wonderdog & Billy the Kid, they were the resident Frisbee-chasers! Kelpie has been by Dr Leisa’s side in vet clinics since she was 6 weeks old. Billy is Kelpie’s son and for many years went to work on the farm with Jodie but retired and happily lounged around the clinic during the day.

Sadly, in July 2010, Kelpie passed away at the brilliant age of 15 years 11 months. Billy joined her in 2012 also aged 15.

They are both very sadly missed but will always be present in spirit here at the clinic.