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Five Ways To Exercise Your Indoor Cat

So your indoor kitty has been packing on the pounds and you know that they need some exercise to reduce that waistline. Unfortunately, it’s not like they will just hop on the treadmill for a half an hour each day, so we have five nifty tricks you can try at home for a healthier and happier cat:

1. Instead of using food as a treat, try switching to some fun toys instead try focusing on items that will really get your cat moving. Using a shoelace to drag around for your cat to chase and pounce on; or a stringed feather on a pole will provide an excellent target for them to swat at.

2. Utilise the vertical spaces in your house as hidey-holes for you cat to jump on and in. This could be as simple as a set of empty shelves, a cat tree or even a window sill. This way even when you aren’t at home to actively play with your kitty, they still have the opportunity to burn some calories by jumping and exploring.

3. Separate your cat’s food and water bowls so they have to get up and burn some more energy to move from one to the other. These can even be moved to those vertical spaces from point 2.

4. Still on the food topic, how about hiding your cat’s food around the house. This provides them with both exercise and mental stimulation as they have to search out where you’ve hidden the food today. Make them work for their tucker!!!

5. Finally we recommend investing in a laser pointer! Generally even the laziest of cats will find it difficult to resist chasing that tantalising, little red dot.

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