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Wet Weather Blues

When will we get some fine weather again? It seems like in the last 12 months it’s either been bone dry or soaking wet. There has been no happy medium.

Our pets all start to go a little “stir-crazy” in the wet weather – our dogs are sick of not being able to go for a long walk, the cats can’t sun themselves on a comfortable window ledge and we all seem to be a little down in the dumps when the sun doesn’t shine!

At my place, the dairy goats are most unimpressed. Dairy goats hate getting wet, they run for the shed at the first drop of rain and refuse to leave. The wet weather also brings its share of potential health issues for our pets and farm animals.

At Lamington Terrace Veterinary Surgery we have seen many cases of gastroenteritis and don’t forget the paralysis ticks are still there lurking in the background waiting for a couple of sunny days. For goats, the wet weather brings with it hoof problems like foot scald and soft feet that bruise and become overgrown easily. It’s important to have a dry sheltered area. Once the sun comes out, so do the worm eggs hatch so for grazing animals, especially goats, keep the pasture length a bit higher and monitor the faecal worm egg counts closely.

Next time, I’ll provide information on how to do a faecal egg count so you know if and when to drench your grazing animals.