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Senior Pet Society

Seniors deserve special attention! Your pet qualifies as “senior” if they are:

  • a dog 7 years of age or older (or 6 years for giant breeds)
  • a cat over 7 years of age.

Our pets age much more rapidly than we do – between 6 and 8 years to 1 of our years. So your 8 year old Labrador is the approximate equivalent of a 56 year old human.

With humans, problems start to arise more frequently as we age. We undergo a lot more “screening” and “monitoring” tests once we are over 40 years of age.

Similarly with pets, we encourage regular screening our “seniors”. If conditions such as heart disease, kidney or liver disease, teeth problems, arthritis, hormonal disorders etc etc are detected early, they are much more likely to be managed more successfully.

For senior pets we recommend:

  • twice yearly general physical examination
  • twice yearly urine test
  • once yearly full blood test
  • continued heartworm prevention and intestinal worming and external parasite control programme
  • customized vaccination programme
  • senior life stage nutrition
  • regular exercise programme

and in some cases:

  • thyroid function test
  • chest xrays, ECG etc

Please advise the nurse if you would like your pet to be registered with our Senior Pet Society. We will regularly send you reminders for when check ups are due and provide support at all times for any senior health concerns.