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Monitoring Heart Disease

If your pet has been diagnosed with heart disease it is really important that they are regularly monitored. At Lamington Terrace Vet in Nambour one of the things we recommend is a simple test that you can do at home – measure the breathing rate while your pet is sleeping. It should be under 30 breaths per minute.

If you are regularly measuring this then you will be alerted to any upward trend that could indicate your pet is developing congestive changes in the lungs. Dr Leisa has found a great App for iPhone that helps you measure and record resting respiratory rates. It is called Respiratory Rate Calculator and it allows you to enter the pet’s details, the target breath rate and to schedule reminders.

It has handy information on how to measure and calculate the breath rate and will display the results in graph form. You can even send the results straight to us!

For more information about heart disease, contact us at the clinic. Also check out the articles on “Heart Disease”, “Changes Due to Congestive Heart Failure” and “Do you know if your best friend is at risk of heart disease”.