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General Behaviour Information

Behaviour problems account for approximately 80% of dumped and abandoned pets and for a huge number of euthanasias each year.

The most common complaints are barking, jumping up on people, aggression toward people and other dogs, digging, destructive behaviours, escaping. In cats some common complaints include urine spraying and marking, overgrooming and inappropriate vocalization.

A survey conducted in Eastern Australia in 1998 revealed that over 17% of cat owners and 15% of dog owners were not happy with their pets behaviour.

At Lamington Terrace Veterinary Surgery we are enthusiastic about promoting responsible pet ownership and we believe that understanding your pets behaviour and knowning how to approach, deal with and hopefully avoid problems will ensure a well behaved, well adjusted pet that is a valued family member.

We provide the following services:

1. Puppy Preschool – for the best start to achieving a well socialized pet

2. Behaviour Consultations with our qualified veterinary nurses

3. Canine Behaviour Type Indexing – This programme identifies & profiles your pet’s behaviour type or personality type, making it easier to train and manage according to the personality.

4. Good Behaviour Programme – complete behaviour assessment, identification of problems and a series of sessions to help overcome them.

5. A great range of training aids, mentally stimulating & enrichment toys, Gentle Leader head collars, treat rewards etc.

We truly believe that this is such an important area of pet health. Please feel free to discuss any behaviour related issues with our qualified staff. Ph 5441 3333 or drop in to see us.

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