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Covid-19 – Our new policies


As business owners, Michael & I have always had a commitment to our community and staff and want to keep everyone as safe as possible! 🥰

By now, everyone has heard of COVID-19 and the risks it poses. Wherever your opinion sits on the spectrum, we ask you to respect our new policies to do our bit to slow the spread of the virus and reduce our staff’s chance of contracting it. 🙏

Our new policies are in place from today at all locations. The following apply to you:

1. Overseas Contact 🦠
If you have been overseas in ANY country in the last 14 days, please do not come to the clinic. Not self-isolating is in breach of the Federal Government’s mandate and is against the law.

2. Cold & Flu symptoms 😷🤧
If you have symptoms of cold or flu, please call us prior to arriving at the clinic. We will collect your pet from the car and take him/her into the consultation room to complete the usual exam. We’ll call or Facetime you in the comfort of your car so you’re part of the consultation – just not physically.

Sounds a bit weird I know but the world is a bit weird at the moment and we don’t want pets going without the veterinary care they may need. You can use this ‘Drive thru’ service even if you’re well but don’t want to come into the practice. This is especially good for those at greater risk like the elderly or people with medical conditions that leave them vulnerable.

3. Appointment times 
Please stick to your appointment time. If you’re running late, its often no problem, but please let us know in advance, as this can cause bottlenecks in the waiting room. The fewer people waiting the better.

4. Reduce numbers 👨‍👩‍👦‍👦
Consider reducing the number of people you bring to the consultation. We normally love the whole family coming and they still can, but if you have a choice, limit who comes in. Maybe Facetime the kids at home and make it fun! Again, we don’t want you to avoid the vet if your pet needs us, so if you have to bring the kids, bring them – we have strict cleaning measures in place.

5. Payment 💵
Please use credit cards as payment where possible to reduce physical contact.

6. Use our hand sanitiser! 🆒
It’s on the front counter so give yourself a squirt on entry to keep us all safe.

7. Check your medications 💊
Consider purchasing important medication ahead of time. We have full supply now but we don’t know what’s going to happen. We are not encouraging panic buying but it is wise to get a couple of boxes of your medications to be prepared. My dog is on heart medication & he’d be in big trouble without it. If your pet has a serious condition or relies on their medication, get a box now. This also applies to prescription food. Don’t panic buy but be ready.

We will do everything we can to continue to be available to you and your pets and keep visiting us easy and safe. Remember we also offer Vetpay and Zipmoney to those needing an extra hand financially.

Stay safe everyone. 🙂